Auto Rickshaw

Lahore, Pakistan | Transportation | Project ID: 296

Fourty six years old, Syed Haider Ali Shah, is father of six school going daughter. He lives with his family in a rented house in slum area of Lahore and pays monthly rent of $57 out of his meager income worth $180. To make both ends meet, he drives a rented rickshaw with monthly rent of $3 to his owner. His three daughters share his burden; teach holy Quran and earn $80 per month, altogether. Although, his daughters are sharing his burden, however, it is very difficult for him to survive in these resources.

Furthermore, his one daughter is engaged and he wants to marry her off. To bear his family expenses, he wants to buy an auto rickshaw. To help him fulfil his dreams, Seedout is ready to bring a positive change in his life as well as enable him to meet huge expenses in a decent manner. For this purpose, let’s help him collect $1560