Auto Rickshaw

Lahore, Pakistan | Transportation | Project ID: 204

Victor John is a rickshaw driver who lives with his parents, wife and two children. He lives with his family in a rented house located in a slum area of Lahore. From last three years, he is driving rickshaw, and pays rent to his owner worth $3. He earns a meager amount of $170. Victor is not satisfied with his current monthly income which is not sufficient to bear his expenses. He has not lost hope, and is determined to live a better life.

Finally, he has decided to buy an auto rickshaw. The only hurdle he is facing is not being able to buy a rickshaw due to insufficient resources. Seedout requests you to help him collect $ 1670, so that he can start his own business. This contribution will enable him sending his children to school as well as serve his parents in a much better way.

Success Story

Created: 01-11-2017 15:34:59