Auto Rickshaw

Lahore, Pakistan | Transportation | Project ID: 202

Hamayoon Hafeez is thirty-one years old, father of ten children, living in a slum area of Lahore. He had two wives, one has recently died. From the last twelve years, he is driving auto rickshaw, hoping that someday he would be able to improve his living standards. He earns $290 a month and has to pay rent to the rickshaw owner too. His father supports him financially, given his current financial status as well as huge expenses.

Like every father, he wishes to give a better life to his children. But unfortunately, he cannot fulfil his dream due to insufficient source of income. Despite driving a rickshaw from the last twelve years, he is hopeful that he can make his life better. In order to fulfill his desire, he wants buy his own auto rickshaw. Seedout requests you to help him collect $1560 so that he can start his rickshaw business and improve standard of his living.