A loan of PKR 75,000 helped expand a beauty salon.
Seed Out has always supported individuals who challenge regressive societal norms in order to move ahead in life. Muhammad Jaffar, alias Jenniffer, is the quintessential optimistic tough person on a mission to break stereotypes associated with transgenders. Jeniffer always knew that society would be harsh with him owing to the differences that he was born with. It is the tough realities of life that have made Jennifer the strong and independent person that he is now. He completed his matric and soon began to live independently. He never wanted to take the path of entertainment that most other transgenders are forced to take due to a lack of opportunities. Instead, he was always attracted to learning the art of makeup and once good at it, he opened up his own salon. His clients love his professionalism and excellent makeup skills.  Seed Out came to know Jeniffer via PSDF's beautician training program. His skills have been further polished after a rigorous 3-month training program, and Jennifer is excited to expand his salon with the help of Seed Out. The real motive for Jennifer to be successful via his salon is to prove to the world that transgenders are equally talented and capable as any other person and must not be discriminated. He wants to be a source of inspiration for his community to progress in life and prove their capabilities. Jenifer needs assistance of PKR 75,000 to buy essential equipment and makeup to expand his parlor. Please donate to this project and play your part in making Jennifer successful.   
PKR 290,893

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PKR 34,890,370

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PKR 3000.00
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Mar 20,2020