A loan of PKR 75,000 helped expand a beauty salon.
A humble and soft-spoken person from the outside, Saif Ullah, alias Alizay, has endured many hardships in life. He has a heart of gold; even though he may not be treated well by many people, but all he wants to do is spread happiness and positivity in the world. Saif Ullah is a transgender, he lives with his family in a rented house for the past 10 years. He has a wife and 5 children, all of whom are of school-going age. Since a young age, he never wanted to take the path of entertainment that most other transgenders are forced to take due to a lack of opportunities. His dignity has always greatly mattered to him. Although very poor, Saif Ullah is still proud that by working hard, he is able to send his children to school and buy food and clothes for them. Very early in life, he learned to stitch clothes and later decided to learn to do good make up and offer beautician services in order to earn a livelihood.  Seed Out came to know Saif Ullah aka Alizay via PSDF's beautician training program. His skills have been polished after a rigorous 3-month training program. He is one of the very few transgender trainees who wanted to start their own beauty salon, and indeed it is a bold and brave step. Saif Ullah offers at home and door to door beautician services. He does not have a proper setup. However, with Seed Out's help, he wants to set up his parlor and buy essential makeup and equipment, for which he needs a loan of PKR 75,000. By earning better, Saif Ullah not only wants to fulfill his fatherly responsibilities but also prove to the world that transgenders are equally talented and capable as any other person and must not be discriminated. He wants to be a source of inspiration for his community to progress in life. Please donate to this project and play your part in supporting Alizay's dreams and ambitions. 
It helps to empower a transgender and his family.
PKR 365,165

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PKR 41,933,370

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PKR 3000.00
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Mar 10,2020